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2nd.Apr.2011 | 09:59 pm
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Hi folks,

do you know of a neat way to suggest an improvement for LJ?

Just now when being on my friends page the idea popped in my mind "it would be neat if there was a "delete" button for entries you already have answered or you read and not want to comment on" (kinda like on the dA inbox feature closing (X) thingy....

When I was again lazy with LJ it is just tiresome needing to browse up and down all pages that are left of my friends page (and when I missed some older ones then they are gone for good)
It would be neat if we could set up a longer period / more friends pages than the standard one...

What do you folks think of that ideas?

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Funny disclaimer...

18th.Feb.2011 | 02:15 am
mood: amusedamused

"Disclaimer: Ah-ah...I do not own Kim Possible...nor would I like to think that Ron Stoppable owns her, only Shego has that right to own her Kimmie! Understand?"

Best disclaimer I read all year!
It's to a T rated KIGO fanfic on http://www.devianthearts.com (teh yuri fanfic and fic community on teh web!)

Or maybe I am just too tired to realize it's not really funny? I hope spring starts up soon. I want more sunshine...

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TLA movie parody

10th.Jan.2011 | 04:27 pm
mood: amusedamused

I just need to share that with you folks... dedictated to all ATLA fans that dislike the TLA movie...

Aang keeps it real up in this TLA
by Ubern00b @ASN

Aang keeps it real up in this TLA by Ubern00b @ASN

Here is the original source.

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28th.Dec.2008 | 05:59 am


LOL, just like in *tales from Ba Sing Se*.

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Tokka drabble #2

10th.Jun.2008 | 10:29 am

This take place in an AU where the members of the Gaang are able to go to Iroh for advice.

Toph asks Iroh for advice.

"Iroh, Why doesn't Katara just say that she loves Aang as she loves her and put all this insecurity to an end? I am sick of hearing his or her irregular heart beat all over the place. I sometimes cannot enjoy the marvellous Western Air Temple"

"You know, Katara might be in love. I also think she is, and I also think she will stay in love with Aang.
I presume she does not want to put more pressure on him than he already has and just want to wait till the war is over and then pulls him aside to talk to him about the kiss. Yes, I also know about the kiss from the invasion day, both spoke about that kiss in their dreams for more than one night. That in itself says enough, doesn't is?
Here, have another cup of this excellent green tea I found in the mountains..."
He pours in another cup of tea which she accepts and thanks with a tiny nod.

Toph answers with a thoughtful and calm tone: "Thanks Iroh. Your help and kindness mean a lot to me. Now I also want to tell Sokka how I feel for him, but since the Firenation capitol bunker I know that he is deeply in love with that Suki girl, and I think she is a nice character and I don't want to break that up or just disturb that being just selfish.
On the other hand it drives me more and more nuts just to saying nothing. You know I like to act rocklike, but I do have a very soft core, I just don't want to show that, you know, I am reminded of my time with my parents when I do, and then I again feel all weak and hurt and unloved." She sobs and wipes away a tear." And saying nothing makes me believe I don't care about my feelings for him which is also untrue.
So what shall I do?"

She take another sip of the really good green tee with the gentle aroma. "Beside, Iroh, I am glad to have found you. You are the only one I could ever ask that."
*Toph blushes*

... To be continued

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Kataang and the Avatar storyarc

9th.Jun.2008 | 11:53 pm
mood: amusedamused

This was posted by cpt_data at the ASN spoiler shipping thread and I asked for his permission to put it on here to spread it furthermore...
He told me to edit his entry to remove some minor typos... so I will. I also changed some minor points.

I don't know if someone ever thought about this:

At the beginning of the Avatar story, Aang has "only" mastered air. Katara likes him, he's a good friend. Maybe after the Fortuneteller she likes him a little bit more, but still no real love.
Also, they had bad times (Waterbending scroll, The Deserter, Bato).

Air - innocence, friendship?

At the very end of Book one, their relationship is way more developed than at the beginning. Water is the element of change and both changed much. Aang is more mature and seems to realize he has to fulfil his destiny (you know the stuff). Also Katara changed, she might get in use with the thought she likes Aang more than a normal friend.

So water is the element of change, because the relationship changed too.

The major development of Kataang is shown in Book two. Katara and Aang have their good times, but also really bad times (after the loss of Appa). It looks like the relationship was almost lost (The desert).
The problems are solved in "The Serpents Pass" (baby-scene) and after that point, Kataang did a great step forward. Both might know what they're feeling for each other, but still no confession.
At the very end of this session, the strength of Kataang is tested twice: in "The Guru" when Aang had to let Katara go for that 7th chakra. And in "CoD", where he tried it again - and for that, he was almost killed by Azula.

Earth is the element of strength imho - and the strength of Kataang has increased

The last book is fire. Lots of Kataang-moments in there, but the relationship has radically changed. I would say it starts to become "hot" - just check Headband, NM&DD and DoBS. 3 obvious Kataang-moments (one of them "just" a dream) ... at least Aang confessed his love for her. Yes, Katara did not use any words to show Aang if she had the same feelings, but the body-/ face-expression should do the trick.

Fire - hotness? Fire - courage? Don't know, but those are now in that Kataang-relationship

One thing is for sure: I am still waiting for a necklace-scene with Katara and Aang. Maybe at the very end of the show.

Also, as I said a few times before, I really don't like the lack of any Kataang-development in the known post-DoBS-episodes. Yes, those episodes are focused on Zuko, how he becomes a friend of Aang and Sokka. And we all know (Trailer), he will also become a friend of Katara (hug-scene, ninja-mission). WAT, FBM & TBR are good episodes to develop the story (Aang becomes a firebender, Hakoda & Suki rescued), but there is not a single Kataang-moment! I am sure this is part of the storyarc, so we just have to wait for the series finale or EIP & SR.

So far to cpt_data's observation.

For all of you that are not familiar with the common used abbreviations of the newest chapters:
WAT = Western Air Temple
FTM = The Firebending Masters
TBR = The Boiling Rock
EIP = Ember Island Players
SR = The Southern Raiders

I never thought of that, but to me it is a brilliant observation, so Kudos to cpt_data. To me it is yet another evidence for the awesomesauceness of Kataang and it fit's perfectly with Bryke's statement, Kataang being the DNA of the story.

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Tokka drabble #1

9th.Jun.2008 | 11:17 pm

Sokka: "Toph you asked me about the *nom nom* sound with Suki at the Serpent's pass?"

Toph: "Yes. And ... your point is?"

Sokka: "Well, I can show you, but only if you want to. It's quite personal and a very special thing you won't do with just everyone. But I like you a lot and since you asked me..."

Toph: "Stop rambling. I got your point, now be no pansy an show me what you're got!"

Sokka: "OK" Grabs Toph to a more private place...

*Nom nom nom*

Toph: "That was ... interesting entertaining. But Sokka, you must make sure what is with you and Suki before you show me that again. Or I bury you under a mountain. Or better, first tell Suki and then bury the remains of you that are left from Suki's wrath. 'K"

Sokka thinks to himself "Why must I always lose with the ladies in the end, even when I can be smooth for a moment... Maybe that's what they like with me... opens up a whole new horizon for a new Sokka then if that's the case. Must-further-investigate."

Sokka: "OK, now on with the generals and the Dai Li..."

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Avatar - about characters and ships

8th.Jun.2008 | 04:25 pm
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